Bioplastics can be implemented on conventional processing equipment without heavy modifications, namely:

  • Extrusion of film, tube, profile, etc.
  • Bottle blowing (extrusion or injection)
  • Thermoforming
  • Injection molding
  • Machining

Although bioplastics are largely in place in packaging, today many sectors want to integrate bioplastics in their products:

  • Packaging: food (film, tray, bowl, cup, net, etc.); cosmetic (cap, bottle, tube, hood, etc.); pharmaceutical and medical (pill bottle, syringe, etc.) ; others (bags, protection, etc.)
  • Transports: textile, foam, interior pieces, etc.
  • Agriculture / Horticulture: flowerpot, mulch film, etc.
  • Textile fiber: clothing, hygiene, non-woven, padding, etc.
  • Consumer goods: electronic, stationery, etc.