Our values

Materials :

NaturePlast directly manages the supply of raw materials and additives from various suppliers around the world. We certainly now have the broadest portfolio in Europe. The materials that we sell have all been tested by our technical center www.biopolynov.com and have been approved on industrial equipment. 

We guarantee competitive prices by gross purchasing as a distributor, and guarantee a constant stock of the main references.


Our suppliers have been chosen by several criteria :

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Production Volumes
  • Availability
  • Certificates of biodegradation and food contact

Services :

We guarantee support from A to Z of our clients' projects. Our network and our expertise allow us to accompany you from the draft of the project to its coordination, and unitl the development of the products on the market.

Today, NaturePlast is recognized as a major player in bioplastics in Europe.

We are without doubt currently the only group bringing together in the same entity all of the services necessary to complete a project.

Our network of development partners, principaly French, regroup the main technical development centers, each with their own specificities.