Our Services

eprouvette2The intrinsic properties of bioplastics are actually insufficient for fulfilling some demands in the books of specifications.

Due to the increasing demand for materials with adequate properties, NaturePlast created www.biopolynov.com in 2010, the first private structure in Europe dedicated to improving and modifying bioplastics.

Equipped with plastics process (compounding, injection moulding) and characterization machines, Biopolynov custom develops materials fulfilling the submitted books of specifications, using the know-how acquired by NaturePlast over the years, and its French and European partners network (converters and technical centers).

These projects can be funded by local or European Government structures.

Biopolynov also carries out its own internal development, focusing on improving mechanical, thermal or barrier properties of bioplastics. This work allows us to offer new varieties of materials, in accordance with market expectations.

For further information: www.biopolynov.com