Technology Watch

Surveying is an important activity in any business. This particularly true for constantly evolving new markets, (e.g.) bioplastics.

Thanks to permanent technico-economical watch, NaturePlast has a wide knowledge of the worldwide network of bioplastics (markets, products, current and future producers, technical centres/R&D laboratories, specialized converters, etc.).

NaturePlast offers customized market studies to industrials, answering specific request/needs.

They can include:

  • General studies of the bioplastic market (or focused on a specific material).
  • Substitution and competitive studies of products/packaging.
  • Prospective stidues of bioplastics market developments.
  • Study of the industrial development of a new filler, related to plastic processing applications (fibres, by-products).
  • Study of the worldwide manufacturers of semi-finished products (films, sheets, woven and non-woven fibres, etc.).
  • Other tailored studies, related to our bioplastic market expertise.