NaturePlast provides training to understand what bioplastics are, their limits (and how to circumvent them), their applications, etc.

We offer two types of training for sticking to your requirements and needs:

Inter Company training: on-site training or on a partner site. This training allows a broad and detailed approach of bioplastics and their environment. This training does not demand prerequisites of plastics or bioplastics, it is built both for plastic converters and end customers.
This training includes demonstrations on processing equipment.

Intra Company training: a half-day to one day training that can be general or specialized on precise issues. This formula allows, on the one hand, to maintain the confidentiality of development projects. On the other hand, it allows for training at a lower cost, at the same time and quickly on your site, of all the different departments of your company which will be working together on a development project (technical, marketing, sales).